Efficiency and rational energy use

This context regards efficiency and the rational use of energy, with specific reference to core technologies for the development of sustainable energy systems, such as renewable power generation systems, Smart-grid electric and thermal hardware components, and technologies for storage and deferred use of energy over time.

Technological objectives:

Core technology for thermal and electric smart grids

For example: Energy Production, management and distribution in isolated areas - Heat storage systems for district heating networks and industrial uses - Advanced electric energy storage systems for smart grids - Renewable generation, distribution and energy continuity for efficient system for users (SEU) 

Energy recovery

For example: Advanced heat recovery systems - Energy recovery from water treatment processes, waste and by-products - Energy recovery and thermal upgrading of manufacturing processes

Efficient energy management 

For example: Scale down of the costs of energy monitoring and management systems - Business models for energy efficiency in civil and industrial environments - Development of smart-lighting systems for indoor/outdoor lighting - Systems for energy efficiency of industrial and tertiary sectors processes