The Cluster Managing authorities are the interface between the PiemonteRegion and the Cluster’s members. They constitute the reference point for the implementation of the Three-year Programme of the Cluster and are available and willing to support their members in finding and realizing their paths of innovation.

The Managing Authoritiesof the CLEVER Cluster are:


Environment Park

In 2000, Turin became home to Environment Park, the Science and Technology Park that supports the growth of innovation, collaborating with the businesses that focus on environmental sustainability as a development key for new business opportunities. The park hosts more than 60 businesses within its borders.  Its activity has always been directed to favouring the connection between innovation and company, creating networks in the territory, incentivizing the growth of innovation and promoting environmental sustainability, also using its own laboratories in which it tests innovative technologies with reduced environmental impact.

Environment Park managed the Greene Building and Hydrogen Technologies Innovation Cluster from 2009 to 2016 - POLIGHT.

Consorzio UNIVER


Consorzio UNIVER - University and Business Vercelli, was founded in the mid-1990s as the operative arm of the local authorities of Vercelli area. The Consortium performs a connective function between the academic world and businesses, articulating its intervention in the three areas:

In the “Technology transfer” area, the Consortium promotes connections between the Academic and Business worlds and the socio-economic framework, managing numerous activities promoting innovation and experimental initiatives of connection between institutions and businesses, through the enhancement of best practices.

In the “Training” area – Consorzio UN.I.VER. offers a permanent education system aimed, on one hand, at young university graduates who want to enhance their training, and on the other hand, at professionals and companies that intend to widen their operational competencies through professional updating.

In the “Start-up” area, the Consortium manages the Incubator of innovative companies that perform a primary role in the creation of new companies in the local territory, offering personalized spaces and services to potential entrepreneurs.

Consorzio Univer has been Managing authority of the ENERMHY Cluster (Renewable Energy and Mini Hydro Innovation Cluster).