The Innovation Cluster acts as a coordination hub, of collaboration and assistance to participants with regard to the investment and financing opportunities in  the Clean Tech and Energy sector.
The activities of the Cluster are varied, but they all have the objective of creating an efficient network of collaborations between public and private actors that favour business.

The mentoring and partnering activities , the possibility, both for Consorzio Univer and Environmental Park, to provide dedicated spaces to professionals, startups and new businesses which decide to establish themselves, the planning of meetings between companies of different sectors, participating in different Clusters (also outside of the region) and the involvement of market experts  not belonging to the Cluster, have the goal of creating synergies between the companies and entrepreneurs. Clever  encourages the dynamics of commercial collaboration and partnership between different actors.

Thanks to participation in international networks and more than 40 European projects over the course of past programs, Environment Park and UNIVER have created a network of relationships with Clusters, research bodies and national, European and International level innovation actors.

Specifically, the network created with the regional innovation system includes the other Innovation Clusters, Rete EEN (CEIP, Confindustria Piemonte, Regione Piemonte, rete Camerale Piemontese - Chambers of Commerce), the public research centers and institutions, the incubators, the training centers, the Regional Technological platformsco-working centers, the business accelerators, the Fab lab, the non-university incubators and services provided by business associations.